Cannabis Freedom Activist Network's
2006 Guide To 35th Annual

Ann Arbor Hash Bash

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35th Annual Ann Arbor Hash Bash

Saturday, April 1, 2006

11 am – Federal Protest & March to Diag
at Federal Bulding, E Liberty St btwn Fourth Ave and Fifth Ave, Ann Arbor (1 block north, 5 blocks west of the Diag) map
12 noon – 1 pm – Hash Bash – Speakers
at Diag, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor map
speakers Rich Birkett, Chef Ra, Dean Kuipers, Chuck Ream, Dan Solano
12 noon – 6 pm – Hash Bash After Party
at Monroe Street btwn Tappan and Oakland (2 blocks south of the Diag) map
website, email
bands Glowb, Ground Score, Amy Heard, Ragbirds
9 pm – 2 am – Hashish Bashish After Party
at TC's Speakeasy, 207 W Michigan Ave, Ypsilanti with Glowb, Spun, City Goat, Back Forty map




FROM . . .

(Detroit, Port Huron, Canada)
I-94 west, exit right at State St (exit 177), north 3 mi.

(Brighton, Lansing, Flint, Grand Rapids)
US-23 south, exit right at M-14/Bus US-23 (exit 45), south 2 mi, exit right at Main St (Downtown exit 3), south 2 mi, left at William St, east 1 mi.

(Plymouth, Livonia, North Suburbs of Detroit)
M-14 west, exit right at Main St (Downtown exit 3), south 2 mi, left at William St, east 1 mi.

(Milan, Dundee, Ohio)
US-23 north, exit west at I-94 (exit 35), west 3 mi, exit right at State St (exit 177), north 3 mi.

(Jackson, Kalamazoo, Indiana, Illinois)
I-94 east, exit at Jackson Ave (exit 172), east 1 mi to Huron St, east 2 mi, right at Fletcher, south 2 blks.



Adam Brook



Rich Birkett
Director, Freedom Activist Network; Author, Ann Arbor Medical Marijuana Initiative (Proposal C); 20 year Hash Bash organizxer

Chef Ra
Columnist, "Chef Ra's Recipe Box", High Times magazine

Dean Kuipers
Author, Burning Rainbow Farm; Deputy Editor, Los Angeles CityBeat

Chuck Ream
Activist, Ann Arbor Medical Marijuana Initiative (Proposal C); Candidate, US Representative; Scio Twonship Trustee; medicinal cannabis patient

Dan Solano
Founder, Police Officers for Drug Law Reform; medicinal cannabis patient

Other Speakers

Ground Score
Amy Heard



on Ann Arbor City Streets and Sidewalks
City of Ann Arbor has imposed a peddler permit moratorium until April 1. The city has also imposed a 3 day prior issuance rule which means vendors have only April 1 and April 2 to apply for a city permit. City requires personal appearance, insurance, and photo ID to apply. Again, the Ann Arbor City Administrator has taken it upon himself, exceeding his legal authority, to ban all peddling around the University of Michigan Diag. If you have been damaged or will be damaged by the City Administrator's action, call us at 734-677-0009 to become a litigant.

at After Party
Email Commercial (non-political) vending included. No additional City permits required! Organizers' insurance does not protect vendors. Vendors responsible for own liability insurance.

on Diag
The University of Michigan has steadfastly refused to allow any sales or solicitations, even 1st Amendment protected activity, on or near the Diag, except for University recognized organizations. Call us at 734-677-0009 if you've been busted there.


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